About us

About us

Who are cousins from the countryside?

Parents Jeca and Damir, twins Mina and Mira, sons Sergej and Luka. In 2016. We left city life and came to live in nature, with nature and from nature.

Our goal is to produce healthy food that we, our children, will eat first and foremost, and then offer to others. We have greenhouses where we produce various vegetables, produced without any chemicals, not organic, but BIO production because we utilize mineral fertilizers for plant growth.
We process our fruits and vegetables, because the fast pace of life that is imposed on us has led to the fact that we have all sometimes given a child some "snack" or juice that we know is not healthy. We decided to offer you an option, these are homemade syrups, juices and jams without preservatives and additives, made only from fruit and sugar. Homemade tomato juice that we are especially proud of, dried tomatoes, dried meat, bacon, lard, cracklings. Like any traditional Serbian household, we produce homemade brandy and wine. We named our products after our children, such as Egi ajvar or Lukin tomato, after our dear people who marked our story such as Masha raspberry jam, and since we invested our knowledge, our name, our time in these products, rest assured that we will never make any compromise on quality. We will never put any industrial additive in our products, nor will we sell our products in markets, because the story "Cousins from countryside" is based on healthy living and quality, not quantity.

We can also offer you catering for your celebrations,since we have a good couple of years of experience in catering, which we have now made to be a real "hand made" catering, of which you can be proud, whether our people or foreigners come to your guests.

And finally, don't take our word for it, come and see for yourself. We are located in the village of Beljina on the outskirts of Belgrade, freely call 064/0305006, come and be our dear guest, and we will do our best to be your relatives from the countryside. During spring and summer, we opened little restaurant in the open, where you can enjoy a day on countryside, free of technology, but full of healthy food, nature, clean air…