As part of our offer, we have an outdoor restaurant with a capacity of up to 100 places where we can host you and offer you original homemade dishes made according to old recipes and prepared in earthenware dishes.

We work on weekends from April to October, with us you can spend a beautiful day in nature, where children can play play on our playground, swim in the swimming pool covered with an awning, table tennis, while you enjoy with the dishes we prepare for you.

During the season, we prepare for you veal under the bell, turkey with mlinci, smoked pork under the bell, sarma, stew, and on top of all that we prepare a phenomenal barbecue.

The concept of cousins from the village is that as part of lunch we serve soup/broth, homemade buns, 3- 4 main courses, salad and dessert according to the principle of an open table, where food is supplemented as needed, but we are also serving dishes a la cart.

The price of lunch is 2000 dinars per person, while children up to 12 years old do not pay.

Drinks are by consumption, where we can offer you some of our phenomenal mother juices, ours premium brandies, where we highlight blueberry brandy that you can only try here in all of Serbia, and probably wider.

With us, you can also organize a birthday party or any other celebration, where we can to offer a unique experience with our appetizers composed of the best products from the former Yugoslavia, over home-made top dishes, to desserts prepared by our ancestors many years ago.

For all other information, you can contact us at 064/0305006

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